My great danes are members of my family, they are not kennel dogs.    To show and breed great danes takes a great investment of both time and money, and is a wonderful hobby.  I have had only 4 litters in 15

years, quality takes time! I prefer to evaluate what I produce prior to breeding.

I am indebted to the wonderful mentors that have assisted me with my breeding program, both within the breed and outside of this breed I would not be here today without your assistance.  I have dedicated a page to the Contributing Sires and the owners of those sire's because of the wonderful support they have provided me. 

Breeding blues is not an easy task, the colour is not common in the show world and quality blood lines are difficult to obtain locally, all my sire's and breeding stock are imported from the U.S. or from Europe and have provided the foundation that I build upon.  I think it is important to recognize that whatever I do with the breed is within a short period of time and I sincerely breed and show with the intent to leave something for future generations to work with.  I am not a breeder that focuses on paper pedigree's picking sires' based on pedigrees solely on the number of CH"s listed, I don't keep score of the number of Champions or pointed get that i produce, I don't pick the next generation based on the show potential or Championships.  To do so is an unsound practice and I believe has led to the majority of problems that we see in the breed today or within purebreds as a whole.  I am bravely setting out to change this practice and stubbornly put temperment and overall health and soundness as my first priorities. 

I am grateful to all the co-owners and foster parents to my pups who have worked with me in this endeavour and provided me with updates on their health over the years.  

My goal as a breeder is to raise  Blue Great Danes that have sound minds and bodies..., this is an ongoing process achieved through selecting and breeding only the best dogs. 

I have 3 priorities,  First is temperment, Second is health, and Third is conformation.

My first priority is temperment in evaluating individuals to form the next generation.  If I am completely satisfied with the temperment, my second and very important consideration is health and overall soundness. 

Health testing is only a starting point in this assessment, there is no substitute for overall soundness and longevity. 

 All the current health tests done on danes are the best tools we have at the present but should be considered in the context of the knowledge contained in each and every pedigree.  This information is often passed down through breeders through many generations of experience with their lines.   There are no current tests today and is it doubtful that there ever will be a substitute for this type of knowledge of the breed. 

I am often reminded of this when I screen my prospective next generation, the best test, be it cardio or hip xray is but a brief moment in time of an individual.  This brief moment, a heart, hip or thyroid result, is sciences attempt to emulate the experience obtained over the lifetime of the animal.  In this respect, it is a very poor indicator of future health, vigor, and quality of life.  I will continue to select sire's that have achieved the status of a veteran or at least 8 years of age in my breeding program, as they have stood the "test of time".  They have weathered many a storm, i.e. various infectious diseases or illnesses, torsion or bloat and embody good health...  I also look for longevity in the lines that I breed into, look at the health of the overall pedigree.

My approach to breeding is unique, as most breeders select their next generation based on conformation at 8-12 weeks on average, and much later consider the health and temperment of the pick or picks of the litter.  With that approach you are not able to pick for what I consider to be the most important qualities to form the next generation out of the previous one, temperment and health at such an early age.  

I keep my options open until individuals mature and are able to be fully health tested (average of 2 -3 years), ensuring that I have selected the "best" for the next generation.  As my first priority is not "beauty", conformation is my 3rd priority, I am willing to be patient for my list of Champions.    This approach also requires the cooperation and committment of puppy owners who often make their pup available to be evaluated and considered as the best of the litter, to be health tested and properly socialized, and perhaps even to be shown in conformation.  Again, repeating myself, the best test of all is a life well lived and you cannot measure the true value of a dog until it has lived it's life.

Visit this page to learn more about health testing of great danes: 

Summary of health testing and Evaluation.

I have provided a summary of the current costs for a surgical implant.  I am often asked for the cost of a puppy, so when you factor in the cost of health testing which is described above and the cost of a breeding, you can understand that the price per puppy will consider these costs.  Visit this page to learn more about the cost of breeding:

Summary of the cost of a breeding:

It is here that I acknowledge the hard work and dedication of other breeders before me, that set the stage for me to aspire to carry on in their traditions and to be able to share my love of great danes. It is a breed like no other.

I hope that you enjoy the website, and I'd be happy to hear from you.