Wednesday February 20th is the 8th birthday for Lucy, Barry and Ramses, who are from Afra's first litter.  Lucy is my first homebred Champion, and she shows no signs of slowing down at all, still a whirlwind LOL..

Sunday January 27th was the 1st birthday for  Maxx, Samson, Lexus, Summit, Ellie, Finnagain, Posh, Bonita, Morpheus and Dolly.  Ten babies born to Pearl x Jake who have all been in touch over the past year with photos and updates!!  Its so nice to hear how much their families love them, and very happy to hear things are well for them all, they are blessed to have such great homes, and to be cherished the way that they are xoxo....

Dolly and Morpheus took turns this past weekend Jaunary 18, 19 and 20th at the Alberta Kennel Club Show at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta.

Morpheus was entered on Friday and Sunday, and placed 1st in the 9-12 month puppy class.  This was Morpheus's only second time at a show, his first was when he just turned 6 months old, so it was alot of fun to have him out again.  I must say he has his Dad's personality, he loved all the attention by bystanders at the show, pets and hugs, and did very well in the ring.  He seems to not have a shy bone in his body.. 

Dolly was entered on Saturday and placed 1st in the 9-12 month puppy class.  She enjoyed showing and being at a show with other people and dogs very much, so much so it is hard to leave her at home when she notices the preshow preparations.  From the nails to the bath, and any grooming, she is excited from that moment onward.  I love the time that we spend together there..


Jake's Mom Clarice we just heard from Von Knopf Danes is celebrating her 8th birthday today  December 4th,  wish many many more...

Celebrating a birthday today,November 26th....our boy Jake turned 4 years old....we love you son...

Also today November 26th we remember our boy Eddy who passed earlier this year, we miss you he would of been 11 years old...

Sorrowful news....

We are beyond words in expressing our deep sadness in Bobby's passing on Sunday November 18th.  after a very brief illness with an aggressive form of Kennel Cough and complicating factors which were found upon necropsy.  Bobby was just 15 months old, and beginning his life. Despite antibiotics, bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory medication and all the love and care that we could give we were not able to keep him with is hard to believe that some things are not meant to be and grateful for our time with him even though it was very short...  Bobby came to us from Evia Danes in the U.S.
We miss you every day Bobby and you will always be with us in our hearts...

Dolly also was exposed directly to it at the same show, as Bobby, and we had 4 other dane's here at home that had secondary exposure to Bobby and Dolly, and also came down with it but we are very thankful that all are alright.  Dolly actually did not show any outward signs of it other than the beginning stages of clearing of the throat, we are very thankful all are good...

Breaking News!!!

Bobby received another Winners Dog at the Red Deer & District Kennel Club Show at Red Deer, Alberta on November 4th, only 3 more points to go!

Dolly received a Winners Bitch on both Saturday and Sunday at the Battle River Canine Association Show at Carmrose, Alberta October  27th and 28th and is now pointed!!, visit the Young Hopefuls to see the win pic.

Bobby received a Best of Winners at the Prairie Canine Academy Show at Balgonie, Saskatchewan on Sunday  September 16th and picked up 4 more points towards his Championship, visit his page for a show picture.

Bobby turned 1 year old on the 19th of August, and Afra turned 9 years old on the 20th of August (she still runs down the driveway like a puppy), many more to come!!!

Show News from two of our young hopefuls!!!  Follow their progress at Young Hopefuls

Breaking News!! 

Dolly receives her 1st Best Puppy In Breed on her second time in the ring just turning 6 months the week before, with good competition, under judge Doug Windsor at the Alberta Kennel Club Show at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Ab. on Sunday August 6th, 2012

Morpheus, Quicksilver's Blue Morpheus entered the showring at the tender age of 5 months earning him a Best Baby Puppy in Breed at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience Club Show in Calgary, Alberta on July 13th 2012

Three weeks later at the Great Dane Club of Canada National Specialty 2012, Morpheus placed 3rd in 6-9 males on August 5th 2012  at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Ab. under respected breed judge Frank Cresci.

Dolly, Quicksilver's Blue Athena also entered the showring the following day July 14th, 2012 at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience Club Show in Calgary, Alberta and received a Best Baby Puppy in Breed.

At the Great Dane Club of Canada National Specialty 2012, Dolly placed 2nd in 6-9 females on August 5th 2012 under respected breed judge Frank Cresci.

Bobby, Quicksilver's Blue Belivdere v Evia placed 1st in Open Blue Male with good competition at the Great Dane Club of Canada National Specialty at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta on August 5th 2012 under respected breed judge Frank Cresci.

Bobby, Quicksilver's Blue Belivdere v Evia has been shown on a very limited basis as he grows into his rather large frame.  He has been in the ring twice over the past 3 months, both times earning a Reserve Winners Dog.

Eddy, Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton passed away on May 21st at home, he was 10 1/2 years old and leaves a huge hole in our hearts. 

Bobby, Quicksilver's Blue Belivdere v Evia stepped into the ring for the first time and came away with a Winners Dog and the second time Reserve Winners Dog, check out his page for updated pics of this promising young boy.

Babies have all gone home to their new homes except for a couple of our show prospects.

Cropped babies are getting their stitches out, first top stitches came out just prior to Easter, and the remainder will be done after Easter, then into their first posts...the kids will be 10 weeks old this Friday..

Four of the puppies, two boys and two girls were cropped, all went well, very long day but happy with the results and everyone is at home and resting, well maybe not that much resting, LOL...puppies are already racing around playing with their cones...looking forward to seeing the results in the next few weeks!!

Puppies begin to go to new homes this weekend at the end of March, and more on Easter Weekend, it will be a happy and a sad time, happy for the puppies as I believe we have some amazing new owners and wonderful homes for them, the best ever, but sad for me as I will miss them soo!!

The past 5 weeks have been a blur...literally, puppies turned 8 weeks old on Friday and we are still picking who will be cropped come Monday!!   Pups are now 20 lbs and over for some...

Have some really excellent homes lined up, both pet and show, thrilled with the folks who will be getting their puppies soon.  First group of kids will be headed home the last weekend in March, those that are noncropped and the rest that are cropped will be waiting until their ears heal and stitches are out prior to going. Bittersweet for me though...:(( grandma is hoping for lots and lots of pictures!!!

At this point it looks like we will have lots to choose from to show, and 4 kids that will be cropped, 2 boys and 2 girls...we shall see!!

Wow Puppies are 3 weeks old today!!!  They have grown legs and teeth which are getting sharper every day.  Mom Pearl is still nursing and seems oblivious to the teeth, but we are now supplementing thinking that sooner or later those teeth are going to be the beginning of weaning..stay tuned for pictures to come!!

Puppies all 10 blue babies are doing great and so is mom!!  We are two weeks old today and we now have our eyes open, check out our peeps on the Current Litters page.


Well the year started off with a bang!!!
Pearl and Jake babies are here!!!
10 blue babies, 4 boys and 6 girls were born on Friday January 27th.  Babies were all born at home and are doing well at this point, one week later.  Mom is doing super, although getting her to leave her babies even for a second is very hard...

Upcoming exciting plans for 2012!!!

Visit our next litter page for details....

We will be concentrating on our breeding program and putting our showing in the back seat this year!!  It's been 4 years since our last litter and we are moving ahead with our puppy plans
~~~~~stay tuned~~~~!!!!!

Two litters are in the works
with two of our own boys!!

"Jake"  CH Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon

Will not happen until 2013 at the earliest

"Eddy"  Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton

and two of our very own girls, details to follow!!


"Eddy", Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton (ptd.) celebrated his 10th BIRTHDAY  on November 26th, we couldn't be more proud!!!  He still continues to have good health.  We have very limited frozen on him and home to be announcing a planned breeding for him in 2013..

"Jake", CH Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon celebrated his 3rd BIRTHDAY also on November 26th (lucky day!!).  We will be announcing an upcoming breeding with him and one of our Tommy daughters in 2012..

Our breeding with Lucy and Jake did not take unfortunately, so we have retired Lucy from our breeding program.

"Afra", L&D Wagner Dog Afra is 8 years old today ~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~who is the mother of Belle, Pearl, Janie, and Annie 3 yrs and Barry, Lucy and Ramsey 6 yrs.  She is doing super, no signs of old age for her yet!!!

"Eddy", Firstediiton-B Dei Monti Del Keraton's daughter "Rainey", CH Tavernier's Purple Rain placed 4th in Group at IDC Show under judge Guy Jeavons, handled by Breeder/Owner Kerry Thorbourne at Tavernier Danes on August 13th 2011.  We are so proud of both of them, two beautiful girls!!!  See Eddy's page for the show pic!!

Sad news today from Maureen Clark at Sharcon Danes , her boy MBISS Am CH Sharcon's Tomahawk, "Tommy" passed away today at 10 1/2 years of age. 
My thoughts are with you and Tommy today and I am so sorry for your loss.  Tommy has left an amazing legacy in the world of blue dane's and the five kids, Belle, Annie, Pearl, Janie and Jake are healthy, happy and beautiful kids of his to live on...

We are now in the early stages of planning two breedings for the late Fall of 2011, both will be Blue x Blue breedings. 
One will definately be a repeat of our earlier breeding that did not take this spring with CH Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon and CH Quicksilver's El Loco Blu Angel. 
The second breeding will also be with CH Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon, "Jake"  and one of the our girls (still to be decided). 
Stay tuned for updates!!  This second breeding we are very hopeful to have a successful outcome!  Jake has been tested and frozen for the future, so we know that he is ready for the occasion!!  This breeding will be a linebreeding back to MBISS Am CH Sharcon's Tomahawk, "Tommy".

BISS (Best in Specialty Show)  Best Brace Award to CH Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon, "Jake" and Quicksilver Sureshot v Sharcon at the Great Dane Club of Canada Western Division Specialty in June.  We had practiced our brace at home and I was very happy to have both my kids moving so well in the ring (and a little surprised :))  They received a gorgeous set of rhinestone/crystal bling collars and ribbon, photo to be posted soon. Boy was that alot of fun!!!!!

All four girls, Belle, Annie, Pearl and Janie will be turning 3 years old on July 8th!!  Happy Birthday kids :))

L&D Wagner Dog Afra, "Afra"  will be celebrating her 8th Birthday this August!  She recently particpated in Veterans Class and the Veterans Parade at the Great Dane Club of Canada Western Division Specialty.  I was so proud to be with her in the ring, happy that she is enjoying her good health and pray for many more years together!!!  Photo of Afra and her Veterans Ribbon will be posted soon.

Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton, "Eddy" will be celebrating his 10th Birthday this November and he received a ribbon for the Veterans Parade at the Great Dane Club of Canada Western Division Specialty.  So glad Eddy is doing so well, and pray for many more years together!!


Eddy will be turning 9yrs young on November 20th!  And what a coincidence, Jake will be turning 2 years old on the same day!

Afra celebrated her 7th birthday on August 20th, and here's hoping for many more healthy and happy years with us!

The girls have been busy this year....

The four girls born during Stampede Week here in Calgary have turned 2 years of age!
Photos of the girls are posted on their individual pages under "Up and Coming"  they have turned into big and beautiful ladies indeed..

"Belle", Quicksilver Bellestr v Sharcon,          ~Belle is now halfway to her Canadian Championship, her latest wins are back to back BOS and WB at Alberta Kennel Club show at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Ab., just down the road from home~

"Janie", Quicksilver Clmtjane v Sharcon,          ~Janie has enjoyed several placements, her latest wins are BOS and WB at Northern Alberta Canine Association show in Edmonton, Ab., and 1st in Bred-By at the Great Dane Club of Canada, Western Division Specialty 2010

"Annie", Quicksilver Sureshot v Sharcon,           ~Annie placed RWB at Cranbrook Kennel Club show in Cranbrook, B.C.
"Pearl", Quicksilver Pearlhrt v Sharcon,          

"Eddy", Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton has sired 3 Canadian Champions to date,
His latest Champion,  "Riggs", Can CH Tavernier's Lethal Weapon finished today Sunday July 4th, 2010 in Newfoundland, shown by his owner Serena Saunders, who did an amazing job showing him and Kerry Thorbourne of Tavernier Danes for breeding him.

"Jake", CH Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon was chosen as the:

by the Great Dane Club of Canada-Western Division

based on his show performance as a pup, he had 11 Best Puppy In Breed placements, as well as Best of Opposite Sex and one Best of Breed over specials.  This was based on local day trip shows only so I am very proud of him for showing such tremendous potential.

"Belle", Quicksilver Bellestr v Sharcon placed Best of Opposite Sex at Vernon and District Kennel Club Show July 2nd, 2010, photo coming soon.

"Janie", Quicksilver Clmtjane v Sharcon placed Best of Opposite Sex at NACA Saturday June 5th, 2010, new show photo on her page

This year so far has been extremely busy getting prepared for our next litter.  We will post as soon as we have conformation of pregnancy via ultrasound, we are not taking deposits or firm applications or posting notices until we have reached this stage.  Given all the uncertainty of breeding, misses and low numbers it is in our opinion the best way to go to avoid alot of disappointment for new puppy folks.  

We are currently in the midst of health checks for many of our up and coming kids and our new champion Jake, and will post our results as we get them.   

Belle and Janie have been attending shows this spring, which is always terrific fun!! with placements, and we will continue to show throughout the year and post results.


***********BREAKING NEWS************

Jake is now

~~~~~CH Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon~~~~~

Jake is
November 22nd
Lethbridge Kennel Club
under honourable judge Dr. John Reeve-Newson


Happy Birthday Eddy!!!!
Eddy turns 8 years young on November 26th/09
Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton


Jake takes Best of Breed
from the 9-12 puppy classes
over specials at 11 months of age
as the summary of a show weekend November 6th, 7th and 8th
Red Deer Kennel Club Show
under hourable judge Ms. Judy McVeigh
& WD under honourable judge Gayle Forsythe
that sees him with 9 points overall
only one point to go!!!



Jake placed
Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite to the #2 Great Dane in Canada
at 10 months of age
on Saturday October 10th
under honourable judge Mr. John Connolly
at the Edmonton Kennel Club Show
for another 3 points!!!!!!!!!!!




********Breaking news*********

"Jake" takes
Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed in
Cranbrook and District Kennel Club Show
Friday August 28th, 2009

Belle is now pointed!!!

"Belle" takes
Winners Bitch also in
Cranbrook and District Kennel Club Show
Friday August 28th, 2009

"Belle" takes
Winners Bitch again in
Cranbrook and District Kennel Club Show
Sunday August 30th, 2009





Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon
is now pointed in his first full weekend of showing
at 7 months of age!!! 

Show Results To Date:
Winners Dog
3 x Reserve Winners Dog
5 x Best Puppy In Breed

click here to go to the show picture




Updated photos of the Tommy & Afra girls will be posted shortly


Friends of ours here in Calgary, Alberta have just started an Alberta Division of


please click on the name to take you to their website with danes that are looking for new homes.
They also have a facebook fan club with more information you may want to check it out!

We reorganized the website and have included updated photos of all the Tomahawk & Afra puppies, Annie, Janie, Pearl and Belle!!!


Jake also has updated photos at 5 1/2 months, he is now over 100 lbs and 30+ inches and quite the chunky monkey!!!!


Stay tuned for upcoming show results!!!!!!!!!!


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our
new boy


Knopf's Joliet Jake Blues Quicksilver Sharcon
(BISS Int/Am  CH Sharcon's Tomahawk x Knopf's Bring It On Magic)
from Von Knopf Danes. 

"Jake" is just a little over 13 weeks and is stealing hearts of all the girls here.
He came home the beginning of March 2009.

Thankyou Margo for entrusting him to us.
"Jake's" page and more info to follow

L&D Wagner Dog Afra, "Afra"'s first litter, Barry, Lucy, Romeo and Ramzes celebrated their 4th birthday on the 20th of February.
Check out how they have turned out, or for recent photos
Quicksilver El Loco Blu Barron, "Barry" click here

Annie", Quicksilver Sureshot v Sharcon and "Janie" Quicksilver Clmtjane v Sharcon attended their first show at 6 months of age at the Alberta Kannel Club, in Calgary, Alberta and did very well for their first time in the ring.
Visit their individual pages to see their photos and placings.


"Eddy", Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton
celebrated his 7th birthday today!!!! November 26th, 2008


Tommy & Afra litter, the Girls turned 4 months on November 8th,  and are now all in the 60+ lbs mark, Pearl was the heaviest at 66lbs.  The girls have started their handling classes and are enjoying the new experiences and friendships there.

El Loco Sfinx Azzurro, "Conte" sadly passed away October 22, 2008 at the age of 9 1/2,  it was a long and successful life, both in the show ring and as a top producer of Champion get, Afra's sire and CH Lucy's grandsire.  My thoughts are with Diana and her family for losing such a special boy.

El Loco Sfinx has a new website at:

Annie, Janie, Belle & Pearl were gathered up and together again for their 2nd shots and vet checkup, and everyone is healthy!!  Good heartbeats and joints, and nice compliments on the girls, they were very well behaved--

New Photos of Eddy & Tommey's litter from July 08, 2008.**** 
Stacked photos at 4 months of age, go to Firstedition-B page.

***Happy 5th Birthday  today August 20th, 2008 to Afra, our recent mom and many many more!!!***  We are hoping that Afra will have her Dad Conte's, El Loco Szfinx Azurro's longevity, in talking with Diana Wagner of Wagner Dog Kennel in Hungary this week he is still alive and doing well at the age of  9 1/2 years.

****Updated puppy pictures****

I am very happy to announce the arrival of 4 beautiful blue baby girls on July 8th, 2008.

Mom and babies are doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!

See photos of the puppies weekly development up to their12th week, got to puppies tab

M Grp. & BISS AM/INT  CH Sharcon's Tomahawk, Top 20, AOM, HR, ROM, CGC, "Tommy"
L&D Wagner Dog Afra, CGN, "Afra" 
are pleased to announce
their upcoming litter in July 2008.

Please visit the Current  Litters  page for more details on this breeding.

Check out Eddy's new babies with Tavernier Great Danes at this link:


Eddy's son, "O'Henry",
~~is now~~
Can CH. Tavernier's Make Your Mark.... (CKC pending)
with a B.O.B. and 4 more points in 2 days of showing, he is now finished!!!!!!!

"O'Henry picks up another 2 points on Saturday June 21st, 2008 under honourable judge Elena Menastide-Spector, and Sunday June 22nd, 2008, to finish  in total 4  B.O.B. and another 2 points under honourable judge James Ganoza at the Abegweit Kennel Club Show, Mill River, P.E.

Eddy's son, "O'Henry", Tavernier's Make Your Mark picks up another B.O.W. and 2 more points for a total of 6 points to date at the Southshore Kennel Club Show, Lunenburg, N.S., Saturday June 14th, 2008 under honourable judge  Guy Jeavons.

"Eddy", Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton is very proud to announce the birth of his 4 new babies, born to CH Tavernier's Tommy Girl, "Tommy" on May 31st.  
There are 3 beautiful blue boys and 1 gorgeous blue girl, and mommy is doing fine, 

           *************Breaking Upcoming Litter News**********
"Afra", L&D Wagner Dog Afra has been surgically implanted May 6th, 2008.
She is doing very well and we are now waiting 28 days for the ultrasound to see if the breeding was a success!!!
Stay tuned for the results!!!!!!

4 points and 2 BOB's from the 6-9months class!!!!!!!!
Eddy's son, Tavernier's Make Your Mark, "O'Henry" got Best of Breed and 2 more points under respected judge David Paterson at the Moncton Kennel Club Show on Sunday May 4th, 2008--


CH. Quicksilver El Loco Blu Angel, "Lucy" just passed all her OFA Health tests with flying colours and received her CHIC #!
click on the following link to see them for yourself!!!!

Lucy's health checks can be found at:

Tavernier's Make Your Mark, "O'Henry", gets BOB (Best of Breed) and 2 points first show day of his life!!!! 

O'Henry  is from my boy Eddy, Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton and
Can CH Rumer's Tavernier's Rumer Has It, Kerry's girl of Tavernier Danes.

Check out the BOB show pics on Eddy's page!


       xoxoxoxoxoxoxoAfra has a new Valentinexoxoxoxoxoxoxo

There will be a Late Spring Breeding 2008!!
This will be a blue x blue breeding, sire is an American Champion of note with all health checks completed.
See "Litters" page for more details!!

Check it out!!! "O'Henry", Eddy and Rumer's son at 6 months, on Eddy's page,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDS!!!!!!!  Afra's first litter---babies turn 3 today on February 20th--- Lucy, Barry, Romeo and Ramses are having a beautiful day in the spring sunshine.....

Check out Eddy's page, Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton, 
to see how his son O'Henry is doing at 4 1/2 months,   make Pappa real proud!!!!!

Berczy Blue Kennel in Hungary, visit to see Afra's full brother Max.  
Berczy Blue Kennel is a show kennel with two Danes from L&D Wagner. 


"Eddy", Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton is the proud sire of a litter born August 17, 2007!!!!!!!!  This beautiful litter was born to "Rumer", Canadian Champion Rumer Has It.... 
of Tavernier Regd. Great Danes.  


Arthur's Halfway to his Championship!!!!!!

"Arthur", Quicksilver El Loco Blu Arthur was Best of Breed on Friday June 22nd under respected judge Sharon Derrick at the Lethbridge & District Kennel Club.

"Arthur", Quicksilver El Loco Blu Arthur received his second Best of Breed on Saturday June 23rd under respected judge Rick Fehler at the Lethbridge & District Kennel Club.

Eddy's now pointed!!!!!!!

"Eddy", Firstedition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton placed 1st in Open Male and Winners Dog under respected judge Rick Fehler on Sunday June 24th at the Lethbridge & District Kennel Club.

Another point for Afra!!!!!!!

Afra, L&D Wagner Dog Afra, CGN placed 1st in Open Female, Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex under respected judge Rick Fehler.

Congratulations kids........and looking forward to sharing photos!!!!

Eddy has passed all his OFA Health Tests with flying colours and gets his CHIC  Certification

CHIC#:  37086
OFA Hips --------   GOOD
OFA Elbows-----   NORMAL
OFA Thyroid-----    NORMAL

**Please go to Firstedition-B (Eddy's page) for OFA #'s.

Eddy's results at the Calgary Kennel Club Show March 2,3 and 4th/2007 were 1st, 1st and 2nd in Open Male....

Eddy entered his second show, and placed 1st, 2nd and 1st again in Open Male at the Alberta Kennel Club February 2,3 and 4th/2007...good job Eddy!

As 2006 is roaring to a close!!!!

"LUCY"-----Quicksilver El Loco Blu Angel is now a................ CANADIAN CHAMPION!!! ****

Lucy completed her Championship with back to back wins here at the Calgary Kennel Club Show with a 1st place in Bred-By, Winners Bitch, and Best of Winners under respected judge James Frederiksen on December 2nd, 2006 for 3 points, followed by a 1st place in Bred-By, Winners Bitch under respected judge Larry Kereluke on December 3rd, 2006. for another 2 points.

New Addition to the Quicksilver Family!!!

---FirstEdition-B Dei Monti Del Keraton, "Eddy"  from the Dei Monti Del Keraton Kennel in Italy, 
Looking forward to his contribution to the family :))) Stay tuned for more photos and updates as he begins his life as a Canuck!!
Eddy entered his first show at the Calgary Kennel Club December 1st, 2006 and placed 2nd in Open Male.

Afra, Lucy and Arthur, (Mom and kids) at the Great Dane Club of Canada National 2006.
Afra placed 1st in Open Blue Female,  with honourable Judge Lester Mapes photo below, what a beauty:))
Lucy placed 2nd in 12-18 month female, again with honourable judge Lester Mapes!
Arthur placed 1st in 12-18 month male, again with honourable judge Lester Mapes, see photo below, what a handsome guy, Arthur I mean... :))

Lucy's halfway to her Championship!!!
Lucy's at it again, she placed 1st, 1st and again 1st on July 14, 15th and 16th at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club, in the 12-18 month class.  She also received Winners Bitch on July 15th for
another 2 points under respected judge Susan Shrigley.

Arthur placed 1st, 1st and again 1st in three days of showing at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club shows as well, in the Bred-
By class.  He also received Reserve Winners Dog on July 14th and 15th
under respected judges Leslie B. Rogers and Susan Shrigley.

Lucy placed 1st, 1st and again 1st on June 23, 24th and 25th at the Lethbridge & District Kennel Club Shows, in the Bred By class.
Her accomplishments
included Best of Breed 2xs and Best of Winners for her first 3 points under respected judges Cheryl Stuber and Maurice Tougas.
Arthur placed 1st in one day of showing on June 24th, also at the Lethbridge show in Bred By and Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex under respected judge Maurice Tougas.
Afra placed 1st in one day of showing on June 25th, also at the Lethbridge show in Open Female and Reserve Winners Dog under respected judge Thomas Alexander.

Afra gained her CGN title on her first try!!!, in Lethbridge on April 29th.  The CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) title is a test given by the CKC to ensure that one of our most favoured companions is accepted as a valued member of the community.  CGN, Canine Good Neighbours can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs.

Arthur placed 1st and 1st again on March 31 and April 1st at the Red Deer Kennel Club Show, in the Bred By class.
Arthur's 1st place win was also followed by Winners Dog under respected judge Cheryl Myers-Egerton and his next 1st place win by Reserve Winners Dog under respected judge Doreen Powell.
Lucy placed 1st, 1st and again 1st in the Bred By Class in three days of showing in the Red Deer Show.
Lucy's 1st on April 1st, she was also awarded Reserve Winners Bitch, under respected judge Doreen Powell which was quite an honor in such a distinguished group of females entered that day...that's my little lady
not to mention that she was in season for the first time and causing quite a distraction for her brother Arthur during the show and travelling back and forth from Calgary!!!

Arthur placed 2nd, 1st and 2nd on March 10, 11and 12th in the Calgary Kennel Club Show, in 12-18 month class.
Arthur's 1st place win was also followed by Winners Dog for his 1st championship point, under respected judge Edward Wild, congratulations Arthur :)

Lucy placed 1st, 2nd and 1st, and her 1st place win was also followed by
Reserve Winners Bitch under respected judge Cheryl W. Stuber,  way to go Lucy!!

Afra was entered but did not attend the Red Deer Show because my assistant handler was not available, too bad but their's always the next show!!!

Afra placed 2nd on February 3rd and 4th, and finally got a win, 1st place on February 5th in the Alberta Kennel Club Show, in Female Open Class, way to go dear.
Lucy placed 2nd on February 4th in 9-12 month puppy class, and Arthur placed 2nd on February 5th in 9-12 month puppy class.

2005 was a busy year!

Afra arrived in Canada, had her puppies at the end of February, and was showing from July till the end of the year, attended and placed in a total of 13 shows this year,  and is now pointed and working towards her Canadian Championship.

Afra's daughter Lucy entered her first show, 6 to 9 month category in November and placed First and Best Puppy in Breed, way to go Lucy!!!.